Free Download Software by Bang Indro

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About Us

Launch my blog about Free Download Software. Before I begin it is good we give thanks to the almighty creator, because we are given physical and spiritual health in activities, work, and perfection in this life.

Ok, I just want to discuss this blog about the latest free download software. But first,
  1. I would like to introduce myself.
  2. the name of the blog is that I want to wake up.
  3. why I created this blog.
  4. Permission to treat disseminated spread software makers.
  5. gratitude.
Of the 4 - that I want to discuss one by one :
  1. My name is Indra Triyanto, I was a child - 3 of 4 brothers. Now I'm through college at a private university in Yogyakarta and majored S1-Information Systems. I am grateful to the almighty creator, because I was born from a very perfect, not much of a problem and adequacy. Maybe it's just my introduction. :)
  2. - bangindro name this I mean the latest free software. Which I extend to all the visitors that if only need articles, and download free software - software PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet PC, and others - others. Hopefully useful for visitors this. :)
  3. The reason I created a blog about the latest donwload this software, as the development of technologies that are always updated especially on PCs, laptops, and other devices then the software is always updated to balance the use of the PC and its software. And then from that I build a blog free download latest software is intended only to facilitate the users are always the latest software.
  4. I asked permission to pemrancang software - software that if later I postingkan to disseminate to the user software, then I as the creator of the blog to ask permission and say many terimaksaih. :)
  5. Thanks to the almighty creator, the parents who have raised me, my family, relatives, friends, and certainly for visitors of this blog. :)
Enough on my introduction. More or less I say a lot of forgiveness and gratitude. : D